Monin 70CL Lemon Tea

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Enhanced by zesty lemon notes, it's a refreshing way to pep up your day!

Using only natural ingredients, MONIN’s range of fruity tea  syrups  delivers  mouth-filling aromatic  flavours which are nature’s own. 

This intense fruit flavours packs a  powerful fruity punch  and  marries  perfectly  with  the naturally astringent, smoky taste of black tea to create authentic, refreshing iced teas. Make time for MONIN Teas!


Beverage Innovation Director's tips
"The new MONIN Tea syrups range allows for amazing iced teas creations with a true infused tea taste. They can be served either  topped,  on  ice  -with  soda  or  still  water-  or  flavoured. Customization can be done with MONIN fruits, spices, or herbs syrups.  The  tea  flavour  is  particularly  magnified  with  ripe  fruit, and the mix with Le Fruit de MONIN is incredible. I recommend the combination of MONIN Lemon Tea syrup with Le Fruit de MONIN Passion fruit, fresh ginger and topped with ginger ale  and soda water."
Mer Informasjon
Ingredient Socker, vatten, koncentrerad citronsaft, te (1 g / l utspädd i 1 + 10), naturligt te arom, naturlig citron-lime arom med andra naturliga aromer, konserveringsmedel: kaliumsorbat. Total citronsaft: 24%.,mangd=70cl
Näringsvärden Energi: 290 kcal, fett 0 g, kolhydrater: 71,1g, varav socker: 70,6 g, protein: 0,3 g, salt: 0,16 g.
bredd 78 mm
Längd 78 mm
hojd 315 mm
Nettovikt 1340 g