Monin 70CL Fallernum

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With its subtle balance of mixed spices, lime acidity and mellow almond, Falernum syrup is a staple ingredient for your vintage Tiki cocktails delivering the true taste of Paradise.

Falernum syrup is a subtle, balanced mix of spices, perfectly combining lime acidity with mellow almond notes – the essential ingredient for any Tiki cocktail! Falernum has its origins in Barbados, with recipes dating back to the mid-19th Century. A staple for your vintage cocktails, MONIN has developed the first, uniquely consistent-tasting Falernum syrup. Ride the Tiki cocktail revival and plunge into Polynesian drinks with MONIN Falernum syrup – the real taste of paradise!


Beverage Innovation Director's tips
"MONIN Falernum is a fantastic weapon for both your classics and creations which include lemon or lime. It will balance the acidity of your cocktail, while bringing a magical touch of spices. I really like using MONIN Falernum in cocktails but I also find it fascinating in hot chocolates and lattes. It makes really delicious Christmas drinks with a fresh touch of lime, without curdling the milk!"
Mer Informasjon
Ingredient Socker, vatten, naturliga aromämnen från lime och citron tillsammans med andra naturliga aromämnen, naturliga aromämnen, koncentrerad citronjuice, aromämnen, naturliga aromämnen från kryddnejlika. Innehåller extrakt från BITTERMANDEL.,mangd=70cl
Näringsvärden Energi: 316 kcal - 1319 kJ, fett: 0 g, kolhydrater: 78,4g, varav socker: 78,4g, protein: 0g, salt: 0,01 g.