Monin 70CL Appelsin (Orange)

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It all started with orange… MONIN Orange syrup was the very first syrup flavour to be launched as part of the citrus range of flavours.

Probably a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin, originating from ancient China, Orange is one of the most widely loved fruits for its sweet, tart, juicy flavour and fresh aroma. Like most citrus fruit, it is best eaten fresh or juiced.

Orange flavoured products include marmalade, which is usually made with Seville oranges, and orange blossom honey.  The zest is commonly used in cooking and baking, as it goes particularly well with duck and chocolate.

A sweet, acidic syrup MONIN Orange is best used to make non-milk based drinks such as refreshing, zesty sodas, cocktails and teas.


Beverage Innovation Director's tips
As MONIN Orange is an acidic syrup you can’t steam it with milk, it would curdle. You can however combine it with a dash of cranberry and grapefruit juice in a vodka martini.
Mer Informasjon
Ingredient Socker, vatten, syra: citronsyra, koncentrerad apelsin- och citronjuice, naturlig apelsinarom, färgämnen: E161b, E163, emulgeringsmedel: gummi arabicum, E445. Fruktjuice totalt: minst 12%, varav 7% apelsinjuice.,mangd=70cl
Näringsvärden Energi: 294 kcal, fett 0 g, kolhydrater: 70,9 g, varav socker: 70,9 g, protein: 0 g, salt: 0,01 g.
bredd 78 mm
Längd 78 mm
hojd 315 mm
Nettovikt 1340 g