Monin 70CL Agave

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Agave is a type of succulent plant that includes over 200 species. Agave nectar is a premium sweetener produced in Mexico, from several species of agave plants including Agave Tequilana (also called Blue  Agave). The nectar is produced by filtering and processing the expressed juice from the core of the agave plant MONIN Agave syrup is derived from premium agave nectar. Made with premium ingredients, it is especially formulated to dissolve instantly in any hot or cold beverage, for fast convenient use with great taste. Agave has grown in popularity in recent years because of its low glycemic index. Among hype bartenders, it has also become a must-have to create the perfect classic cocktails thanks to its round, pure and unique taste.


Beverage Innovation Director's tips
With its incredible silky, authentic and intense flavour MONIN Agave syrup will charm a lot of bartenders: it has nice agave notes and a deep honey sensation. It will bring some roundness to your drink with a slightly candied note easily used as honey, sugar or sweetener. MONIN Agave syrup will enhance all your lemonades, hot chocolates and delicate cocktails. My favourite use will be to make some classical Tommy’s Margarita, by mixing it with lime juice and tequila in a shaker full of ice and straining into a margarita,glass. To enjoy anytime anywhere!
Mer Informasjon
Ingredient Ren agavesirap, vatten. Från organisk odling.,mangd=25cl
Näringsvärden Energi: 320 kcal-1339 kJ, fett: 0 g, kolhydrater: 85,1g, varav socker: 79,5g, protein: 0g, salt: 0g.